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Sales Partners, Inc.SM
Vision and Mission Statements:



To be a recognized leader in honorably enabling business organizations and individuals to achieve their fullest sales potential.



Sales Partners, Inc.SM (through its subsidiary, Sales Training, Inc.SM and its strategic alliances) provides targeted and prescriptive training and consulting to companies, groups, and individuals; helping them improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and enhance sales productivity.



Bringing a Fresh Approach to:


  • Increasing sales productivity
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction and retention
  • Ensuring that you receive the sales results you need


Demand Creation vs. Demand Fulfillment

Creating and maintaining an effective and ongoing selling effort can be a daunting proposition in any era.

Today’s unique economic situation requires salespeople who can not only find new business, but who can build lasting relationships with the “partner-customer.”

It also requires that the old skills of “demand fulfillment” be superceded by “demand creation”, in a time when there are many alternative solutions to customer issues – hardware products, software, and services.


Sales Partners, Inc.SM and its subsidiaries and alliances will make your sales efforts bask in the light of success – our backgrounds facilitate it; our testimonials ensure it; your customers demand it.


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